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Make The World Go AAAH!

Mirinda wanted to win over their fresh and new target group: Gen Zers. So we transformed Mirinda into PepsiCo's first digitally built brand and co-created the campaign with a global squad of content creators. We asked our AAAH! Squad to concept and create their content. No fancy studios or tools, just the creators and their phones. Then, we introduced the AAAH! Squad to the world with a digital campaign, including tutorials and how-to videos to inspire Gen Zers to start creating. 

We flipped it around: with the social content of our creators, we built the TV commercial. The result: a film truly co-created by Gen Z. With this modular approach, we've created four films for Mirinda's biggest markets, SSA, APAC, AMESA and Europe and 100+ social assets in various languages.

Mirinda - 2021. Overall rebranding and 360 campaign. 

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